6 December
Adjusting to 6 figures

Logo design and Identity for Online Courses with Jeremy Rettig.
Website design (blog) including

Logo has a hidden meaning: element around 6 – is a simplified circles of diamond production process (step by step improvement – of valueble stone – to the most expensive result). For their production They use such circled machines like You can see on image.

Inside – some ledders to “6” numer can be found:
the meaning of these items – are the steps of finalising the stone to a perfect valuable item like diamond (that is similar to what online courses are doing with students)
The technical process of diamond prouction looks like this:

So, the simple marketing suggestion sounds like:
– “everyone is a diamant – we suggest technologies for brilliants production”
or “invest today in technology, that will help your diamant mind grow in coast being a brilliant”-

As a result we’ve got such logo and identity that symbolize a personal development of individual that will bring profit after adjusting eill be done.

Ofcourse noone can moove forward without businesscards and socials, so do and Jeremmy.

Also web appearance was suggested. Blog related to the subject of online courses (insurance) will work perfect for online push among inrerested in this subject audience



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