Design Concept was created for well-known in USA Luxury car rent and transfer services Brand.

Project was frozened and wasn’t finished, so this design is free to use in the case if You like it as we do, ofcourse.

Homepage landing screen includes slider and form for online booking that is availiable in fallout menu. It can be closed as default or opened. On decision of new owner.
Lets watch!

After closing the booking popup we get such screen appearance

CTA phone icon always following the user in right lower corner of the screen, inviting him to make a call (call can be lauched via Skype or any other method – depending on Owner decision)

Some words about all advantages of the Company

Screen that opens the range of services that can be provided by Company (rent, transfer, taxi  – partnership program if owner will have such, etc.)

Short demonstration of fleet that can be rentet or ordered for transfer (filter allows to select the class of cars you want to watch). If user will need more information – he can go to single page of fleet and find out more.

Special screen for information about ordering of VIP cars – like limousines and else.

Screen for demonstration and downloading of mobile application (optionally). Owner can want to have such app for his custumers. Transfer and taxi services can get good profit having such tool.

Testimonials screen and subscription on newsletter (for getting promos and other usefull information that owner can have) and footer ofcourse.
Hope You liked. As always  – we are happy to hear any feedback from You about our concepts and designs.

And if You at last decided to make us delete this post and become the owner of this design, please, do not hesitate to Contact us

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