Noone still do not notice, but Christmas holidays are very close.

And one of the best ways to congratulate Your Custumers and/or to attract new ones – is to issua a video greeting. Many managers consider that they have plenty of time and forward this task for nearest future, but we want to make them a fovour – and to suggest start thinking about such greetings at once after reading this post. Sterting with video now can help avoid them standing in lines with many other managers from other companies and/or departments, waiting for their turn to redirect the task to a very busy befor holidays video-designer 😉

For example this video for huge owner of payment terminals network (iBox) was producted for about 1-2 month period of time. And not because we are so slow – but because of stages, that we had to pass befor the final validation of video (many managers and many departments always have something to feedback about the suggested by other departments material – such is life ;).

Wish you to meet the holidays with full ready pack – and enter the holidays period with calm nerves.

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