Hey there, are You going to monetise your informational resources?
if Yes – better look what we have here

this is our own dev-solution, that provides website owner the ability to change his web appearence easyly – acording to the needs to mark some important imnformation or information that comes from commercial or advertising floats – and without any need to involve developers or other professuional stuff – just via own drug and drop in admin panel.

we call it “Elastic Web Template”. You will mix it like a piece of plasticine.
And each time the html-template will be calculated automtically (responsive in devises, etc.) without loosing the previously published information from data base.
Usefull for blogging or some informational resources.
Nowdays we are on way of creation of the plugin – but still looking for Partners and Investitions to push this process.
Untill our plans are in process  -Ypou can become the exclusive owner of integration of this solution in Your media business.
Just imagine the spread of area of commercial suggestions for advertisements. Each block in each place of Your landing page can become more attractive, bigger and in this way marked according to the budgeting of advertisment request fron Custumer.
And NO expenses on developers services!!! And no loosing time on trying to explain the task to third parties!!!
Just own decision – and several seconds for adjusting of visual appearance of Your resource
please, watch demo-video:

Amasing feature (on our opinion), if you are going to monetize Your work in informational field and make Your own sugestion as elastic as our “Elastic Web Template”.
In case of interest – do not hesitate to contact: info@asdg.com.ua (with SUBJ: ELASTIC WEB TEMPL) or just use the contacr form
Thanks for watching.

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