10 May
Frida one-paged shop

Sometimes – even for big well-known shops – is usefull to create the one-page webstore.

You will ask: “What for?”
We can explain.

This one page can contain the products of one single collection – that is actual for promo and advertising programs in google, socials, etc. this separate page can be designed to reflect the spirit of new collection, create some atmosphere that will be preferable for better inspiration of potential buyer to want it. Such page can be launched as on own domain name – so and on subdomain of main store of brand.
Ofcourse  – such decision can become the best way for start of newborn webstore  – to save time and budgets on the first stages of taking on the market – these budgets are better to spent on advertisment and push  -to involve new buyers as well, that will bring potential powers to increase the shop from one-paged to multipaged shop with carts, cabints and all other elemebts that are common to e-commerce.

One page can have not less functional – like categorizing and full decription of single item – than the common web-store. Designers and developers have just to work out the good UI to make everything look perfect and easy for navigation.

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