24 September
Some words about insurance in Austria

While start of working on this project (2015) we could hardly imagine…

That the development of website for insurance company can be followed by such tramendous ammount of special and legal forms, full of fields for personal information of the users.
Now we do. Please, always pay attention to what insurance agents are saying to You. These people are dealing with all this stuff everyday, just giving us some portions of what they have.
Not really shure – if they have any artificial intelligence inside their heads – but I firmly convinced that something like that is at least connected from outside if not integrated inside…

There is nothing special if to look at first time on website of Austrian insutrance Company “Herf” (www.herf.at)

But if to moove forward…

And that is just the beginning… More You can explore by visiting the link above. And for now want to thank You for watching and thank the insurance agents for their job.
Be healthy and safe.

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