Warning! If You have weak nerves – better do not open this post. Ceativity will blow up them.And please, do not laugh! Everything is very serious.
Want to present You the story -board that we had to illustrate for validation of concept for video adverisment.
You will understand our feelings while first time reading the scenario a bit later. And now, please, remember about worning.
So, let the show begin!
(Description will follow in own words – but close to the scenario – just to save Your time)

Early morning. Metro station. Everything is grey, girl stands sad, waiting for train and watching her watches…

Suddenly girl remembers that she has something special in her bag. Train coming, she opens the bag, getting out this object, smile appears on her face… Seems its starting

While entering the train this object in her hand begins to produce some megic with light efects (may be some firewarks – may be like effect that happened to Neo aftar taking the blue candie – who knows). You considered that all these people around – are just a croud? Noway. Be sure – everyone has its own mission take a look at what they have in their hands.

Inside the train effect from object (object is a product of Weleda from its new line of coametics) spreads its influence on the girl, cobering her with red colour. yes – it was the Neo-effect, no firewarks inside metro are availiable, but matrix effect can goon everywhere.
But that is just the beginning. While girl becomes more and more happy (such interesting side-effect in addition to the clothes recolouring), man that came after her inside train, unfolds his tube and the grass carpet appear around, and as all things in this train – it spreads allover.

Ofcourse everyone become recoloured from grey – to rainbow colours under the influence of matrix-effect, following by side-effect, that was mentioned above. Old pal that was followed by birdcage – opens it – birds begin to fly everywhere (You can guess, how he will be disappointed when effect fill be disactivated). man without tube  – like all others – is very happy. Woman with bag – opens it – and rabbits go out of this bag – here they are – nothin special – just woman’s bag – who knows what can be inside? But the guy with box – is really strange. As we can see – he have taken a deer in this box. ofcourse deer goes out and starts to enjoy his time being inside metro train. one of windows turs to a waterfall – but that will not surprise us at all – after befor comming events.

Final stage: total matrix-effect made everyone happy in the train, everywhere flowers, waterfalls, animals, etc. Girl that became the reason of all these actions looks at the window of mooving train and sees the strange croud of people – all in white – with marketing slogan on white pieces of paper… Noone knows what goes after, we just hope that no one animal wasnt harmed.
The end.

P.S. Such an epic scenario faster of all made all holywood scenarists cry, becouse they could loose their jobs. thats why they all together prevented the production of this film. Everyone maens are good in battle with competitors.
Or may be officials of Weleda decided that such story – is too much… Anyway…
As you underestood this story-board had no logical continue to become a video production. But we remembered this work. it was cool.
BTW, ifsomeone have seen the video with this scenarion – You have to understand that You have seen the plugiarism. ))))


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