Nowdays many users even do not know, that such stuff was popular in the past)

Weleda Facebook app. Thai app, like many others in that category were designed and developed for promo of some products, events and so on.
This case app was created for social popularisation of new line of Weleda cosmetics. Facebook user could collect the bouquet and send him to someone he is prefer from the circle of his friends on Fb.
As the result this combination  – as an image appeared in gallery and was availiable for voting. The winner in determined date and time was announced after voting finished – and as a prize – both of users (who created and his adresat) have won the selected by user bouquet with Weleda’s products. Ofcourse everyone was encouraged to share his entry more and more to collect likes. That how it worked.
So, about Weleda’s app design:

(To understand how long ago it was happening – You can see our old logo in the header)) Befor total rebranding.)

Nowdays its hard to meet such apps in middle-budget segment))) “Facebook” understood that this field is a very profitable and since than such way of push went to the high-level budget of services, that is not so widely popular – as you can see yourself)).

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